Eureka! Hosts Second Annual Maker Faire

IMG_5811The global Maker movement returned to Yorkshire this weekend as Eureka! The National Children’s Museum welcomed thousands of visitors for the second annual Halifax Mini Maker Faire.

Yorkshire’s only official Mini Maker Faire bought together more than 60 inventors, engineers, artists and makers from across the UK, who introduced 2,500 visitors to the science and engineering behind their creations whilst giving them opportunities to get hands-on with demonstrations and projects to take home.

P1070325Sheffield’s Small Machines introduced inquisitive young makers to hydraulics and mechanics using laser-cut kits, whilst Sand in Your Eye took over the giant Eureka! Sandpit to showcase their unique sand sculptures. Philomena the Spectre Collector brought a sprinkling of Steampunk to proceedings, as she showed visitors how to trap the spirits of soldiers and mermaids in tiny trinket bottles.

Manic Science got children creating their own slime out of household ingredients, before running candyfloss and giant bubble-making sessions.

P1070333The inventive folks from Oomlout, Swanky Paint,York Hackspace and Leeds Hackspace showed off some of their unique creations, whilst Hebden Bridge’s legendary Handmade Parade led regular parades of their larger-than-life bird creations through the Eureka! grounds.

Visitors also got to try their hands at soldering, circuitry, crown and piñata making, getting creative with clay and more!

Jenny Parker, Eureka! Play & Learning Manager – one of the organisers of the event said “We’re really excited to have been able to run our second Mini Maker Faire at Eureka! It has been a great success, and we know that families have loved getting to have a go at soldering, battling robots and playing with some really amazing inventions.”

IMG_5837Aaron Nielsen, CEO of Oomlout Ltd, one of the Makers in attendance, said “Halifax Mini Maker Faire brings together an eclectic mix of performers, crafters and tech people. Huge thanks to the team here at Eureka!, who have done a great job hosting the event, and such a unique venue to hold it in!”

Giles Grover, Owner/Designer of Small Machines said, “This is the second year for Small Machines at Halifax Mini Maker Faire and, if I ask myself why I’m here, the answer is simple – it’s for the quality of the feedback that I receive from the people testing out our machines. Children in particular are so honest and direct in their feedback and, when I receive comments such as a simple “wow”, I know that we’re on the right track. It really is field research of the highest level – attending has helped our product development immeasurably. Plus, of course, the venue is a joy!”

We’ll be sharing loads more photos, info about our amazing makers and videos of Halifax Mini Maker Faire later this week but in the meantime, a HUGE thanks to all the makers and visitors who joined us this weekend – we had a blast and we really hope you did too!

Halifax Mini Maker Faire 2015 launches!

There are just a few hours left of day one of Halifax Mini Maker Faire 2015, and we’ve been having a brilliant day!

IMG_5811IMG_5837 IMG_5869 P1060928 P1060948




Check out our Facebook Album for lots more snaps, and if you’re a Tweeter, keep an eye on the #MakerFaireHX hashtag (on Instagram too).

We’ll be doing it all over again tomorrow, so make sure you join us!

Meet the Makers: Manic Science

Ever wondered what simple chemistry you could create in your kitchen? Enter…

Manic ScienceManic Science

The splendid folks from Manic Science will be offering a number of exciting hands-on kitchen chemistry workshops at Halifax Mini Maker Faire! They take a look at ingrediants from your kitchen cupboards to mix & stir & make with & learn some science too! Be warned – lots of fun and a fair bit of mess guaranteed!

Workshops on offer thorough out the day will be…

  • Gigantic Bubble Making
  • Slime Making
  • Bath Bomb Making
  • Candy Floss Making

Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and head on over to the Imagination Space to get hands on with a bit of Manic Science!

Meet the Makers: Play with Clay with the team from Eureka! Nursery

Squidge it, splodge it, roll it, twist it…

Play with clay! with Eureka! NurseryPlay with Clay!

The team from Eureka! Nursery are inviting visitors to join them to get hands-on with clay in the Imagination Space. They’re here all weekend, but will also be joined by Ammie Flexen, visual artist/facilitator, on Sunday.

As Eureka! began to plan for its second Maker Faire, the Eureka! Nursery team thought that it would be a great opportunity to bring in an artist to work with their children, and then to bring a playful, creative activity to Maker Faire itself.

The nursery children have been getting messy and hands-on with clay for a few weeks and some of their creations will be on display during Maker Faire, but they’d also like to invite visitors to join them to create clay tiles which will become a permanent feature of Eureka! Nursery after the event.

Be sure to join them in the Imagination Space on both days of Maker Faire!

Play with clay! with Eureka! Nursery

Meet the Makers: Pancake Art

This maker will tickle your tastebuds whilst creating a feast for your eyes! Join us on Saturday to try your hand at a bit of…

Pancake art 1Pancake art

Seen any of those youtube videos knocking about of people making amazing creations out of pancake batter? Join this Maker to have a go yourself, using coloured pancake batter and a bit of imagination to create your very own colourful, edible creations!

Martina will be here on Saturday only, so be sure to join her in the Imagination Space!

pancake art 2

Meet the Makers: Sand in Your Eye

Visiting Maker Faire on Saturday? Be sure to check out…

Sand in your Eye

Sand in Your EyeThe amazing team from Sand in Your Eye make sand sculptures, ice sculptures, sand drawings and love to take on new and exciting giant art projects.

They’re are taking over the giant Eureka! sand pit on Saturday only and will be making an extreme sandcastle to show what amazing things can be created out of sand.

Follow Sand in Your Eye on Twitter and on Instagram, and make sure you check out their amazing creations on Saturday 30 May!

Loss Is Eternal from Sand In Your Eye on Vimeo.

Meet the Makers: Just Add Sharks

Derrrr dun. Derrrrrr dun. Derrr-dun-derrr-dun-derrr-dun-dun-dun…

Ru-dCNdnJust Add Sharks!

Don’t worry, we’re not throwing visitors into Archimedes’ bath along with a load of ocean predators… Just Add Sharks are laser cutters (and maker-enthusiasts) and will be at Halifax Mini Maker Faire on both days to demonstrate their open source laser cutter and some of their creations!

Apart from having one of the best names around, they’re also regulars at Maker Faires across the UK, so give them a follow on Twitter and make sure you head over to meet them and see their laser cutter in action in the Conservatory on 30 and 31 May!

Meet the Makers: The Spectre Collector

Bottles at the ready, it’s time to embrace your inner (or outer!) steampunk with…

11203069_895063430540074_8395930527194123011_nThe Spectre Collector

Allow me to introduce myself – I am Philomena Spector, the Spectre Collector.
With my vast experience in adventuring and sciencing, I traverse the globe studying and cataloguing the entire spectrum of spectres, entities, spirits, poltergeists and the like.

Alas, my pension from my well-to-do family is being cut off due to a misdemeanour on my part. If I do not start making an income for myself (for shame!) I shall no longer be able to travel. Who knows what remarkable spirits from the afterlife would go uncaptured without me?

Therefore I show others how to bottle said spirits from the ether and turn them into delightful little trinkets, jewellery, Christmas decorations and so forth.

Steam Punk CraftsI have collected Fallen Angels, Ghost Mermaids from the abandoned Ghost Island off Kyoto in Japan, as well as your common-or-garden unwelcome House Ghost.

Persons visiting my stall at Halifax Mini Maker Faire will also create potions from exotic dry goods sourced on my journeys to bring luck to the wearer and help the spirit find rest. I do hope you will join me and help fund further research adventures.

Kindest regards and salutations,
Philomena Spector.

Like Philomena’s page on Facebook, and meet her in the Conservatory on 30 and 31 May!

Meet the Makers: Leeds Hackspace

Completing our trio of Hackspaces are the splendid souls from…

Leeds Hackspace logoLeeds Hackspace

The fine folks from Leeds Hackspace are bringing their unique brand of hacking, making and doing to Halifax! They are a community / social group for creatives intent on socialising, creating, and potentially make amazing things in a space/workshop with access to tools that you may otherwise not be able to get hands-on with, thanks to the contributions and communal efforts of its members.

They have an array of tools such as a laser cutter, metal lathe, computer systems, welding kit, various saws, a 3D printer or two, a vinyl cutter and a silly amount of electronics, with some quad copters thrown in.

Give them some love via their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, and visit them in the Eureka! Theatre on 30 and 31 May!


Meet the Makers: York Hackspace

“Decrease polarity knot to 7! Set multitronic filter to magenta alert! Plug in the centrifugal F-screen!”

SpacehackYork Hackspace

The magnificent members of York Hackspace are bringing Spacehack to town – a fast, fun and frantic starship emergency drill game involving control panels, teamwork, techno-babble, stress and inevitable destruction.

Set aboard the perpetually disaster-prone USS Guppy, crew must operate their command consoles to flip switches, turn dials, push buttons and more according to instructions shouted by their comrades – but how long can they keep the ship safe?

The York Hackers will be with us all weekend, so why not Like their Facebook Page, follow them on Twitter, and join the crew of the Spacehack!