Doors open on Halifax Mini Maker Faire 2014!

photoThe day has finally arrived – we’ve opened the doors for Yorkshire’s first and only Maker Faire, and we’re so excited we could pop!

Please do come down to join us today – it’s just £3 to come into the Maker Faire (or free with admission to Eureka! or to annual pass holders), and you’ll get to have a go at making all manner of STUFF…

Roving reporters

Eureka! Roving Reporters

Our roving reporters, the Rebeccas, are touring Maker Faire taking snaps and videos, so you can get a taster of what is happening by following the hasthtag #makerfairehx on Twitter.

We’re having loads of fun. Come on down to join us.

Meet the Makers: Bell & Bullock

Last, but certainly not least, it’s time to meet…

Bell and BullockBell & Bullock

Bell & Bullock are a Circus Theatre Company who are well-known for their playful  interactive show and walkabout acts. They’ll be bringing their amazing (and highly entertaining!) Victorian Time Travellers to Halifax Mini Maker Faire, where you’ll find them touring the Eureka! grounds in their hand-made Time Machine.

Let the bonkers boffins Warp and Weft show you their box of cosmic secrets. Hear the sound of the universe and experience the big bang. Learn how long a piece of cosmic string is, and maybe you can ask them for the next set of winning lottery numbers!

Here’s a sneaky peek at what they’ll be up to on the day…

Travel down to meet Bell & Bullock on 30 August, or find out more about their different acts and shows on the Bell & Bullock website, and like their Facebook page.

Meet the Makers: Peter Leadbeater

Working away in the Eureka! grounds all day will be…

Peter LeadbeaterPeter Leadbeater: Chainsaw Sculptor

Peter is a chainsaw sculptor and furniture maker based in Leicestershire. After starting out as a bespoke Furniture designer & Maker, Peter started using his chainsaw skills to create scultures of all shapes and sizes, and for clients ranging from Michelin star restaurants through to schools and local authorities.

Peter will be bringing his unique sculpting method to Eureka! for the day as part of Halifax Mini Maker Faire, working throughout the day to create a piece of sculpture just for us.

Here’s a short film introducing Peter and his work:

You’ll be able to watch Peter at work throughout the day on 30 August, or check out his website and like his Facebook page.

Meet the Makers: Handmade Parade!

Hebden Bridge’s finest are coming to Maker Faire! Meet…

Handmade Parade logoHandmade Parade

Form their base in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, the Handmade Parade team connect professional carnival artists, giant puppet makers, street bands and performers with communities to create stunning events, and they’ll be coming along to Maker Faire to get everyone into the carnival spirit.

lorikeet puppet

©Handmade Parade

They launched the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade back in 2008 and have been busy creating other events and carnivals ever since. Their unique giant puppets and parade art have also been part of many events such as the Huddersfield Festival of Lights, the opening of the Hepworth Wakefield Gallery, and they recently helped launch the Tour de France!

Join us on Saturday 30 August to meet the creative team behind Handmade Parade, and also visit their website, like their Facebook page and follow Handmade Parade on Twitter.

Meet the Makers: The * WILDCARD * Creator

Ever wondered whether it would be possible to build your very own 3D Printer? Well that’s what our next Maker did! Behold, the amazing…

Wildcard Creator* WILDCARD * Creator

Built by multi-media artist John Burnley,  the * WILDCARD * Creator is a functioning Repstrap 3D printer used by it’s maker to explore the creation of 3D Sculptures, though it is a Sculpture in its own right.

The * WILDCARD * Creator has created a number of Sculptures already, including Three Plastic Sheep, a 3D beermat, and the Thinker at the Fountain.

Come along on 30 August to meet John and ask him about his exciting work, and you can view images and find out a bit more on the Mister Burnley website.

Meeting the Makers: Crafty Moo

No, our next maker isn’t some kind of scheming bovine, but a rather creative bunch! Meet:

Crafty MooCrafty Moo

The lovely folks from Crafty Moo love nothing better than taking an ordinary item of clothing and blinging it up to the next level. Bling up your clothes and shoes with loom bands, sequins, beads, feathers… you name it, they stick it – and they’ll be helping visitors to have a go at their unique brand of customisation!

Come and talk to the Crafty Moo team to find out more about their children’s Creative Comping Club. So far they’ve won amazing prizes such as blowing up an abandoned school, floating in zero gravity, swimming with dolphins, four holidays and a car!

Find out more about Crafty Moo on their blog, follow @catwomanga on Twitter and come along for a bit of blinging on 30 August at Eureka!

Meet the Makers: Soldering Workshop

Ever fancied having a go at soldering? Now’s your chance…

Soldering WorkshopSoldering Workshop

Grab your kit, find yourself a free soldering station and this Maker will help you as you get hands-on with a soldering iron!

You’ll be in safe hands with Torben Steeg, one of the fine folks behind Manchester Mini Maker Faire.

Learning to solder is a great introduction to electronics and circuitry, and we’re really excited to welcome our friends from Manchester Mini Maker Faire to Halifax.

This will be a fantastic maker activity for visitors age 12 years and up.

Meet the Makers: Taylor Made Art

Our next maker is exploring the space where photography meets illustration, meet…

Taylor Made Art logoTaylor Made Art

Taylor Made is a collaboration between illustrator Carla Taylor and photographer Alex Taylor, both based in West Yorkshire.

Alex and Carla will be at Halifax Mini Maker Faire to share the unique process that they are developing to transform images from photographs into mixed-media art pieces, and to inspire visitors to think outside of the box when creating photos and drawings.

Illustration Process

See more of the collaborative works of Taylor Made Art on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, and come along to talk to Alex and Carla on Saturday 30 August at Eureka!


Meet the Makers: Small Machines: Innovative Fun for Enquiring Minds

Ever wondered how Hydraulics work? Ever wanted to know how machines and equipment use hydraulics to move? Here’s the maker for you, meet:

Small MachinesSmall Machines:
Innovative Fun for Enquiring Minds

Small Machines are a range of hobby kits (suitable for 5 years+) to have a go at building yourself.

Using paired syringes as hydraulics, the kits build into small versions of real life machinery and equipment, and are a fun, practical way to learn about hydraulics, engineering, mechanisms, technology and design.

Come along to Halifax Mini Maker Faire to have a go at building your very own Small Machine, and you’ll be able to buy your own kit to take away and build at home. You can see the Digger in action below:

Find out more on the Small Machines website, follow @smallmachinesUK on Twitter, and come and have a go for yourself at Eureka! on Saturday 30 August!

Meet the Makers: Illuminating Geometry

Geometry a bit rusty? Now you can brush up at the Mini Maker Faire with our next maker…

Jenny Dockett logoIlluminating Geometry

Illuminating Geometry is a workshop developed by creative learning and engagement consultant Jenny Dockett. At the Maker Faire, Jenny will lead workshops in which participants can make a lantern in the shape of a platonic solid*, and learn a little geometry and electronics on the way!

Illuminating Geometry

After the lantern is assembled, participants can make a simple circuit with an LED and a battery to light it from within before taking it home (they make great nightlights) or adding it to the display. When these lanterns of different sizes and colours are grouped together, they create a magical landscape. Check out the video for more construction details:

This workshop can be adjusted to suit all levels of ability, and is recommended for ages 5 and up. Some people might enjoy simply making the shapes and learning in an experiential way; for others more interested in geometry, maths or engineering, it can be used as a way to explore the principles of geometry in detail.

There’s still plenty more maker profiles to come – watch this space!

*Platonic solids are 3D shapes where each face is the same regular polygon and the same number of polygons meet at each vertex (or corner).